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MarkStoneIt doesn’t matter what your “fitness” goals are, getting stronger needs to be the focus of your routine. Lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, get faster, look better; you need to get stronger. If you want to get stronger there is no better tool than the barbell. At Untamed Strength you will learn to Squat (to proper depth), Deadlift (without looking like a scared cat), Bench press and Over Head press (without shoulder pain). Along with strengthening your muscular and skeletal system, you’ll also learn how to strengthen your cardiovascular system (without stepping foot on a treadmill). Strongman training will give you some lungs of steel! Sandbag carries, keg carries, tire flips, sled pushes and pulls, and stone loads will have you sucking wind in no time.

Untamed Strength was created for anyone who wants to train without limits. No restraints and rules keeping you from achieving your strength goals. Scream, yell, blast music, deadlift, slam weights, use chalk, get fired up, get pissed off, get STRONGER. Body builders often refer to “mind-muscle connection” which simply means that you need to put your full attention into the muscle that you’re isolating. Strength training should be no different. If you need to get fired up and do some yelling and stomping ┬ábefore you attempt a big lift, go right ahead. Do not let commercial gyms tame you or rob you of your progress in the pursuit of strength.

-Train Untamed

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